Best Smart Scale for Apple Health in 2024

Finding the best smart scale for Apple health is not an easy task so you have come to the right place because we have a well-researched updated list for Apple health compatible scales in 2022.

Have anyone of you ever wondered if your scale was accurate or not? Most people tend to be wary of old analog scales due to their outdated mechanisms, while electronic scales are generally not worth it.

We recommend that you turn it up a bit and invest in a smart scale; essentially, smart scales are the best scales.

Smart scales compatible with various health and fitness apps like Apple Health, Samsung Health, Google fit and ultimately aims to help you keep track of different health-based parameters and metrics given that the smart scale industry is relatively young.

There are three things that are very important to me when selecting a scale, firstly the usability of the overall user experience and the aesthetics of the physical appearance of the scale, secondly the measurements, the precision and the consistency and a third thing is integration and application. ecosystem

Most people don’t know where to start looking, so we put together our top 5 best scales for Apple Health. To learn more about the products, we have included links below updated for the best prices.

Here is The List of Best Smart Scale for Apple Health

  • Arboleaf Smart Scale
  • Eufy Smart Scale P1
  • Withings/Nokia Body Cardio
  • GreaterGoods Smart Scale
  • Withings Body Smart Scale
Arboleaf Smart Scale for Apple Health 5
Eufy Smart Scale P14.5
Withings/Nokia Body Cardio4.5
GreaterGoods Smart Scale5
Withings Body Smart Scale5

Here Are The Scales That Work With Apple Health

1. Best Overall – Arboleaf Smart Scale

best smart scale for apple health


  • High Quality
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Cheap and Best
  • High Accuracy
  • Fully Automatic

Now let’s get started, if you are new to smart scales and looking for one, you should probably start with an Arboleaf smart scale.

This is essentially a budget scale packed with high-end features, so the performance is capable of going head-to-head tip with most high-end smart scale models.

First of all, the smart scale dimensions measure 14.37 inches by 13.23 inches by 1.63 inch and weigh about 4 pounds.

It has an ITL coated glass surface and features four independent, high-precision leg sensors. Plus, it features an IPX3 waterproof rating, meaning it’s sweat and splash resistant, scale measurements include BFP weight and heart rate, but it will be able to measure and track lean body mass, muscle weight, metabolic rate, metabolic age, body water percentage, BMI visceral fat and bone mass if you connect to it through the app.

This smart scale is this scale compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit, but sadly not compatible with Fitbit and Samsung health apps.

It’s announced that they are working to improve compatibility with the applications like Samsung Health and Fitbit. Such as most smart scales Arboleaf Scale automatically tracks and syncs these statistics with connected applications.

If you are not using any of the supported applications, for example, if you are using Samsung Health, you can also download the smartest proprietary app and use it instead.

Setup of this product is a breeze, and the scale offers accurate metric readings. No matter where you step, it’s more than safe to say that most budget smart scales can’t even come close to its performance.

Consumer Review of Arboleaf Smart Scale for Samsung Health

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2. Best for Apple Health – Eufy Smart Scale P1

Best Smart Scale for Apple Health in 2024


  • Modern Design
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Can Sync Up to 16 Users
  • Anti-Slip Top Plate
  • Great Value

Let’s move on to the rates on your Eufy P1 smart scale for apple health. We have labeled this model as our top value pick primarily because it offers the most versatile and comprehensive benefits compared to its counterparts within the same price category.

In terms of functionality, the Eufy p1 smart scale measures 12 different parameters including weight, body mass index, bone mass, body fat, muscle mass, BMR, visceral fat, lean body mass, BFM, water and more because this scale is so versatile and comprehensive that you will be able to calculate the main aspects of your health track accurately.

What is missing that we will respond appropriately and quickly. Like all smart scales available on the market, this model is compatible with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit.

The Eufy p1 smart scale is compatible with you feel life application that not only shares access to the main features of the scale but also comes with a variety of exciting features.

These smartphone applications have an automatic tracking system. This means that you can access your progress practically anywhere anytime, and compete with yourself in terms of accuracy.

The Eufy p1 smart scale features two pairs of highly sensitive sensors that deliver surgically accurate readings and measurements. This smart scale passed of all FDA regulations, so you don’t have to worry a bit about its reliability.

One of the most exciting features of the p1 smart scale is that you will be able to set up approximately 20 individual user profile accounts.

All accounts measured these same parameters and keep separate records of individual readings. Triple-A batteries power the p1 smart scale, and you will receive a four-pack as a complimentary gift in terms of construction.

The Eufy p1 scale revolves on the non-slip glass surface that offers impeccable stability. The rounded glass is very child friendly as it has no sharp edges.

Now it is the only thing that you may not like your rates so much derived and not exactly individually measured, so it is the only feature that is not as accurate and reliable as the rest.

3. Withings/Nokia Body Cardio Smart Scale for Apple Health

Best Smart Scale for Apple Health in 2024


  • Highly Accurate
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Work With Alexa
  • Weather Forecast
  • Automatic Data Sync

Withings is one of the most popular fitness and fitness accessory brands of all time. If you’re using one of their trackers or smartwatches, you may also want to check out the Withings smart scale.

Not only does it work in perfect harmony with all of the wifi gadgets and trinkets, but it’s also excellent performance Wi-Fi even without the sync with any other third-party app.

One of the coolest things about this smart scale is that it offers exceptional connectivity and features of connection.

It comes with a program that automatically and wirelessly synchronizes the statistics and progress of PCs and smartphones that connect to it via Bluetooth.

The program will convert statistics into easily readable charts and graphs in terms of staff profile. The Withings/Nokia smart scale allows you to set up eight individual private accounts.

This means that it is perfect for large families. Still, it is also excellent to share with friends or family monitoring parameters two measurements include total weight, body mass index, lean muscle mass, as well as the percentage of water and body fat.

Another exciting feature of this smart scale is data privacy; you can toggle this feature if not, I don’t want anyone else to see the measurements regarding the design of the .

It has a sturdy surface with a polished glass top that can support up to one hundred and eighty kilograms.

The only downside to the Withings is that it is slightly less versatile and valuable to users. They are not from Fitbit; that is, the application does most of the work, and the vast majority of the functions are only accessible from it. Regardless of whether it is one of the best smart scales available for the money.

4. GreaterGoods Smart Scale – Compatible with Apple Health

Best Smart Scale for Apple Health in 2024


  • Great Value
  • Modern Design
  • Easy To Use
  • Secure
  • Multi-user Friendly
  • It Can Work Without Phone

We are moving forward in our review with the GreaterGoods Smart Scale at first glance. It looks more or less the same as any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth scale, but what sets it apart from other models is the fact that it offers simplicity, metrics excellent easy setup and phenomenal connectivity.

Starting from the top, let’s begin with its design. The GreaterGoods dimensions measure 15 inches by 15 inches by 4 inches, and it weighs only 5.5 pounds.

It could easily fit through a compact scale, and due to its small size, it is one of the best scale models to travel around.

Metrics GreaterGoods measurements include weight, body mass index, muscle mass, bone mass, as well as the percentage of body fat and water.

The same type of technology and sensors for the index scale. This means that its accuracy is impeccable.

One of the most exciting features of the GreaterGoods in the ultra-large screen that shows larger numbers on a robust black backing which in turn provides superior visibility even at night and in poorly lit environments.

The GreaterGoods allows you to configure sixteen different accounts at once. This is a unique process after which the smart scale will automatically sync statistics and future progress.

There is a small problem that you need to be aware of, although the index has automatic synchronization and updates, the process is limited to once a day, which means that the registry will not be able to recognize multiple journals readings.

For example, your BMI log taken during the morning hours will be immediately and irreversibly overwritten if you do the same a couple of hours later.

However, it will take some time to adjust to this particular type of programming. It is still quite obvious Why the GreaterGoods is a perfect choice for Apple health users.

The same application you are using to monitor your fitness tracking statistics can be used to operate the index and vice versa.

All things considered, the index is a very useful and compact tool that promotes better health regulation. So if you are already using any of GreaterGoods’s products, we recommend that you check it out.

5. Withings Body Smart Scale for Apple Health

Best Smart Scale for Apple Health in 2024


  • Weight trends & BMI
  • Multi-User Friendly
  • Nutrition Tracking
  • Long-Lasting Battery Up to 2 Years
  • Works With Alexa
  • Daily Local Weather Forecast

Our best overall pick is a budget smart scale that offers superior versatility, accurate metric readings, and a very convenient, app-friendly approach to getting in and out of shape in the simplest way possible.

One of the unique features and exquisite features is that the Withings body plus smart scale is a built-in wait chart that should help motivate you while also giving you a clearer perspective on your progress.

However, most apps tend to do the same thing often with greater precision. And details, what is so interesting about the trend screen is that it is active even when you are not connected to the scale through its application.

Speaking of which the webbings body plus is also compatible with the proprietary. Withings application, you will be able to connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and Apple Health, but you should even know that the app is not accessible with Intel phones.

Rather than operating on old and outdated iOS and Android platforms below Android 5 and below iOS 8, this smart scale uses Position control technology that ensures high-precision metric readings at all times.

Also, statistics are not only automatically stored in your smartphone register and on the scale, but also sent to weddings, dramatically improving reliability.

The body plus the smart scale allows you to set eight different user accounts. Each with individual sports stats and parameters.

Last but certainly not least, this smart scale is perfect for people of all ages. It even features the pregnancy tracker and baby mode that alters metrics for toddlers and kids. Considering you can’t find a more valuable and versatile smart scale within the price range.

Wrapping up

So here we finished the list of five best smart scale for apple health.

As you have already learned, there is no perfect scale, at least none that you can trust for scientific measurements, so consistency is really the key.

In my experience, prove that you were the most consistent with taking those consecutive measurements.

And ultimately, it boils down to trends watching your progress over time how well you are gaining muscle, losing fat or whatever else may be your goal.

I will continue to show my body scales. I can’t justify paying nearly three times over more for the Withings cardio or twice as much for the cardio-based scales offer a very similar value, neither of which are scientifically proven measures and, in fact.

However, activity trackers and scales improve; neither of these will help you get more in a way that is just getting out, and exercising regularly will help you.

Why do you keep going and see your progress over time? Thank you very much for reading this blog. Thanks again that I hope to see you next time.

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