Top 5 Best Smart Scale for Samsung Health in 2024

Finding the best smart scale for Samsung health is not an easy task so you have come in the right place because we have the well-researched updated list for Samsung health compatible scales.

Are you looking to eat a little healthier or lose a few pounds in theory? It may seem like an easy task to do, eat less, and exercise more.

However, there is actually more than meets the eye on the weight loss journey. Even the smallest detail can make a difference for this reason.

It is essential to have a smart scale to keep track of every aspect throughout the process as it contributes to the result. But with the endless line of smart scale devices available, it is very difficult to choose the best device for you.

Whether you have fitness goals, weight loss goals, or just collecting your health stats, this article will break down the five best smart scales for Samsung health.

So keep it locked here to discover which smart scale will help you smart and effortlessly track your body weight and composition BMI.

As you can always find the links to these scales below, you can then find them in the best offers. Now let’s get started.

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RENPHO Premium Smart Scale

Top 5 Best Smart Scale for Samsung Health in 2024


  • Easy to Use
  • Premium Quality
  • Supports Samsung Health App
  • Works with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Weight Capacity: 6.6-396lbs/3-180kg

Here Is The List of Best Smart Scale for Samsung Health

NameOur Ratings
RENPHO Premium Smart Scale5
QardioBase 2 Wireless Smart Scale4.7
Garmin Index Smart Scale4
iHealth Nexus Smart Scale4.5
Withings / Nokia | body Scale5

Samsung Health Compatible Scales 2022 – Reviews

1. Best Overall – RENPHO Premium Smart Scale for Samsung Health

Top 5 Best Smart Scale for Samsung Health in 2024
Best smart scale for Samsung health


  • Premium Quality
  • Supports Samsung Health App
  • Works with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Easy to Use
  • High Accuracy
  • Great Value

At number one is our RENPHO Premium Wi-Fi Smart Scale. This digital scale comes with multiple exciting features that set it apart from the rest to get you started—giving you detailed metrics and historical information on your BMI weight, muscle mass, bone mass, body fat, body water, and heart rate so you can assess your progress for weeks months and annually.

This smart scale is like a cake in terms of setup. It takes less than two minutes to assemble and operate. Plus, our Samsung Health app is very easy to sync.

Since it comes with built-in easy-to-follow instructions. In terms of the number of users, this scale doesn’t disappoint.

It comes with multiple scale users and friends options where an unlimited number of users can configure their profiles.

This cool feature is particularly important as you can embark on a weight loss journey with your friend or family members and track each other’s progress.

Plus, this app can collect and sync data offline where you can access when your phone is close to the scale.

And since weight management requires a variety of different approaches, this smart scale can feed your health data to many other fitness apps, such as Samsung Health, Google Fit, Apple Health, and Fitbit.

A bonus more than the smart scale we create. Measurement reminders will receive notifications to make sure you are not late or miss any weighing session.

If you are looking for a smart scale with accurate and consistent readings. In that case, RENPHO Premium Smart Scale, in our opinion, will certainly come in handy if it allows you to take control of your health, motivates you along the way, and automates all calculations for you.

2. Best for Samsung Health – QardioBase 2 Wireless Smart Scale

Top 5 Best Smart Scale for Samsung Health in 2024


  • Great Quality
  • Smart Feedback
  • Pregnancy Mode
  • Sleek and Modern Design

At number two are a QardioBase 2 Wireless Smart Scale and a cardio two based body analyzer. It is a user-friendly device focused on tracking and evaluating your BMI for weight and body composition without using numbers with a volcanic black exterior.

This smart scale has multiple user recognition capabilities, which means everyone in the family can track their measurements.

You will only need just to create a custom profile, sync it with a room, and the device will automatically recognize you.

Once you put it on top of the functionality from multiple users, Pregnancy Mode stays with you throughout your expectation Period by simply activating Pregnancy Mode and selecting your Expiration Date Cardio Base to keep you informed every semester.

Using easy-to-interpret charts and fabulous images via sync, the cardio scale and the cardio app can track more than just your body weight, visceral fat, water, bone mass, and metabolic age data.

These are consistently formatted and displayed using Smiley’s to motivate you. If you’re poor at keeping records, then you won’t be worry because the cardiovascular dock.

The Wireless Smart Scale and Body Analyzer will record all your insights, store data, and collect it. So you can easily access it via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The next time your phone is in range. You will also appreciate the fact that this wireless scale maintains the privacy of all data and provides you with actionable plans to improve and meet specific, measurable targets for accurate readings.

In this smart way, the scale is equipped with sensitive electrodes and high precision sensors. This is combined with automatic calibration and automatic zeros.

You can enjoy knowing that your life is laudable, and your efforts to lose weight are not in vain. If you are looking for a complete smart scale, this product is for you.

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3. Garmin Index Smart Scale for Samsung Health App

Top 5 Best Smart Scale for Samsung Health in 2024


  • In-depth Metric
  • User Friendly Setup
  • Smartly Connected
  • Multiple Users

A number three is the Garmin Index Smart Scale weighing in at five and a half pounds. This scale has a slim but robust profile making it durable and easy to carry even when traveling.

Thanks to the scales incorporation of bioelectric impedance technology. It can also register your body weight, fat, and muscle mass and automatically convey the data to the connect app.

Another feature that sets the Garmin index smart scale apart is its customized ability. In the event of other members of your family wanting to use it, so it allows up to 16 personalized profiles making it the ideal workhorse for your entire Brady Bunch.

Additionally, the goal metric function allows you to set your goals for a certain period and tips on achieving them. While at the installation process, so the Garmin Connect app is as easy as it gets.

Once it’s downloaded, it takes less than a minute to install and connect it to your scale to save for the data cost.

The app simply uses Bluetooth connectivity for the initial synchronization and Wi-Fi in the subsequent daily use.

Furthermore, the app is capable of collecting and synchronizing data offline, or you can access it when your phone is near the scale. Since the weight management journey can be an overwhelming one alone.

The Garmin Connect app connects you with a large online fitness community as an added bonus. The scales glass-top and rounded edges complement your bathroom’s stylish look. Plus, you can alternate between metric and u.s. Standard systems.

If you’re looking for a versatile and stylish scale to keep up with your modern bathroom, you’re going to have your match.

Consumer Review of Gramin Index Scale for Samsung Health

If still not interested in the previous products on our list. Well, we bet, the next products will even melt the most solid heart. Now on to our fourth product.

4. iHealth Nexus Smart Scale – Compatible with Samsung Health

Top 5 Best Smart Scale for Samsung Health in 2024
iHealth Nexus


  • Great Value
  • Modern Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Multi-user Friendly

At number four is the iHealth Nexus Smart Scale. This sleek and illustrious smart scale gives you an accurate and holistic picture of your weight, body composition, visceral fat, and BMI.

All in one made with the latest technology. The iHealth Nexus captures data with surgical precision so that your weight targets are easily achievable by being a smart scale.

It comes with built-in Bluetooth, making it easy to set up using your smartphone as a magic wand Aria. The smart scale automatically syncs your stats with the Fitbit app and Samsung health.

You can see the small moving parts and how they affect your weight control journey. Weight loss has an inverse relationship with different factors, such as exercise heart rate and going to sleep.

With this device, you can easily compare your eating habits, food & exercise plan with your progress. To get a more detailed picture of your overall health, surprisingly, the Samsung Health app uses machine learning technology to collect food intake.

And it provides exercise patterns for better analysis of your progress. It is able to recognize up to eight different profiles.

The iHealth Nexus Smart Scale is able to automatically recognize each individual each time you use the scale. It displays your selected data and transmits the statistics to the Fitbit account within from Fitbit accounts on the dashboard.

You’ll see the newest friend, Lean Body Fat Percentage, Body Mass, and BMI. All etched, and easy-to-read graphics.

The luxurious polished glass finish also complements and gels in almost any bathroom theme, making it look classy.

If you are buying a smart scale that can say much more than just your body weight, the iHealth Nexus Smart Scale finally ticks all those boxes.

5. Withings Body Scale for Samsung Health

Top 5 Best Smart Scale for Samsung Health in 2024


  • Highly Accurate
  • Nutrition Tracking
  • Weather Forecast
  • Multi-user Friendly

At number five is the Withings Nokia Body Composition Digital Scale. Instead of focusing solely on your body weight, this smart scale also provides you with body fat, BMI, muscle bone mass, and body water analysis.

Thanks to the technology of TM position control. This scale also gives you the weather forecast for the day. So you can plan your clothes for the day.

Another feature that you will love is the Withings Smart Scale. It is nutrition tracking that lets you set your weekly, monthly, and annual weight loss goals.

It interconnects the health app with other health and fitness apps like Samsung Health, My Fitness Pal, Weight Watchers, and lose it to manage your daily calorie intake accordingly, regardless of which app you choose to connect to the mix.

This Wi-Fi capability smart scale allows you to centralize all of your information into Nakota’s health account. This is where you can seamlessly access and reach your goals as an added bonus.

The scale is able to support data tracking. You can sync up to eight different profiles, and it can last up to 18 months running on four triple batteries.

If you are looking for an advanced Wi-Fi smart scale that perfectly tracks your whole body composition, this scale will work for you.

Final Words

When it comes to managing weight, the less, the more the route seems to be the ideal approach for many.

But the basics don’t always mean just manually typing in all the body metrics and details of progress. Multiple journals are an almost impossible task to achieve, but with one of these five best smart scales for Samsung health, there is no excuse for not staying in shape.

They will complete their quest for wellness by recording important body data and metrics by sending them to the Samsung health app and giving you nuggets to motivate you along the way.

We always look forward to seeing your suggestions and comments, so if there is a product you have in mind that you would like to see us, comment on below in the comments section.

Thanks for reading. Stay Safe.

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