Best New ePaper Tablet for 2023

Best New ePaper Tablet for 2023

Do you love the feel of a new tablet?

Are you looking for the newest, most productive tablet on the market?

Boox just released their brand new Note Air2 Plus ePaper tablet and it is well worth checking out.

Best New ePaper Tablet for 2023


  • 10.3’’ Paperlike Screen
  • Upgraded Octa-Core CPU
  • Android 11
  • Large 3700mAh Battery
  • Large 4GB+64GB Storage
  • Support PC and Magnetic Cases
  • Support Magnetic Stylus
  • Adjustable dual-tone front lights
  • Auto Rotation
  • Latest Firmware
  • Aluminum Body
  • 5.8mm Thinness
  • 445g
Best New ePaper Tablet for 2023

eReader Benefits

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  • Rotate the Screen without a Tap With the fast gravity sensor, the screen will instantly rotate in the correct direction, allowing you to continue tasks without interruption.
  • Read Large Files Easily
  • Open eBooks in Any Format
  • Listen to Your Favourite Stories

You can find the new Boox Air2 Plus right here on Amazon.

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