Top 5 Best Keyboard for Big Hands (2024 Update)

Hello guys, today I present the best keyboard for big hands. Computer keyboards come in standard sizes, and the keys come with a stylish backlight and such features.

However, people with big hands may have trouble using it, they may not be able to enter a letter without clicking on adjacent โ€“ on a regular keyboard, which could also be for seniors or people suffering from problems, while when typing on regular keyboards there is a keyboard with backlit keys and lighting so that people can type quickly, so there is the keyboard for big hands,ย  so letโ€™s look at these keyboard for big hands.

List of Best Keyboard for Big Hands

  • Logitech k350
  • Goldtouch V2 keyboard for big hands
  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic
  • Microsoft Natural Ergo 4000
  • Kinesis Advantage2
Logitech k350 for Big Hands4.5
Goldtouch V2 Keyboard for Big Hands4
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic4.5
Microsoft Natural Ergo 40004
Kinesis Advantage25

Here Are The Best Keyboard for Big Hands

1. Best Overall โ€“ Logitech k350 Keyboard for Big Hands

best keyboard for big hands
Logitech k350

The Logitech k350 keyboards are an important element for many users, especially programmers and writers who need to be on the keyboard for a long time and be careful because if it does not have optimal settings.

It can result in hand injuries and general discomfort, so that reason I would recommend an ergonomic keyboard for big hands which allows you to place your hands on the keyboard properly and not hurt. For those who want a more affordable option that still delivers performance,

I recommend ordering the Logitech k350 for a long time in production, but still delivers outstanding performance thanks to its excellent economic wireless performance with long battery life and great value for the price.

I have to say that Logitech k350 is the beast of one of the larger keyboards Iโ€™ve seen in a while, it measures a total of about 19 x 10 x 1.5 inches and the height rises to 2.5 inches.

When it rises and covers a ton of space on the table, weighing about two pounds and three ounces quite heavy compared to most keyboards on the market.

Under the keyboard, it has each side is a set of legs that tilt it at an angle and lift it to a comfortable height.

I must say that the armrest has some palm rest to provide comfort thanks to its delicate curve, which gives it the overall wave shape.

Largest with the important point of this keyboard is accessible in ASDF and JKO keys that provide more support with your hands and push them to a more natural position.

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There are also tons of dedicated media keys and keyboard shortcuts designed for Windows users for perfection.

If you havenโ€™t tried economy keyboards yet, it gets a little used to it, but some users find it unusual at first, but once you get used to your performance and shape, you will start enjoying the wave design of this keyboard which will take away the strain and pain from your wrists and hands and in addition to the comfort level is up.

The keys are quite good and also provide a great tactile shock experience in the middle of each keystroke, which combines perfectly with comfortable spring for membrane keys, they are great if you want an affordable ergonomic keyboard the Logitech k350 is your best pack performance in one package.

2. Goldtouch V2

Goldtouch V2
Goldtouch V2

We also have an excellent ergonomic keyboard from a company that has extensive experience on the market with an ergonomic keyboard, itโ€™s a Goldtouch V2.

The company has become strong with the idea that if it is not adjustable, it is not economical and from there you can see that they have supplied a super adjustable keyboard that allows you to always find the right position for your hands.

As I mentioned the biggest point of sale Goldtouch V2 is its adjustable keyboard and ergonomic keyboard in terms of adjustability offers tilt adjustment at best.

In addition, you are stuck in the position specified by the manufacturer, which is set for the average user, but this average user may not in all cases to design a golden touch v2 for adjustment in millions of positions and fixation so that you always have the best keyboard.

The set comes in two hearts that are connected by a locking ball at the top, release the ball joint with a large handle located at the top left of the keyboard, and when you complete the preferred position lock it with its lock.

The manufacturer recommends a fine in the best position first try the apartment and then gradually adjust the direction to the best possible solution according to your preferences and body strength.

keyboard for big hands
Goldtouch V2 features

Goldtouch V2 is also equipped with rubber dome switches, which may not be the best choice, but the price is also lower, for this reason, this keyboard also has many media control keys to make everything easier for you.

I must say that Goldtouch V2 is compatible with most systems and one of the biggest features is that it is compatible with most Macs and PCs with excellent adjustable tilt and a wide range of gold features.

The Goldtouch V2 strengthens its position as one of the best in its branch.

3. Microsoft sculpt ergonomic

Microsoft sclupt ergonomic keyboard
Microsoft sculpt ergonomic keyboard

I have one of my favorite packages on the market Microsoft sculpt ergonomic.

This package comes with a super economical keyboard and mouse from Microsoft that works so well in tandem with each other.

This keyboard is pretty much the same ergonomic design as 4000, which we will talk about later, and it is basically more stylish, thinner, and with sloping keys and overall looks better than its processor.

The keyboard looks very futuristic and Great for its curved design that creates some comfortable angles throughout the body of this keyboard.

Microsoft sclupt ergonomic keyboard for big hands
Microsoft sculpt ergonomic keyboard

Microsoft has inserted into this keyboard on each side of the keyboard looks quite flattering slopes towards the center to ensure more natural.

The experience also looked pretty good as a small unit that you can use when soft padding is needed at the bottom of the device, leading to a chase with this negative tilt towards the home row, and I like it when wrist padding is attached because it wonโ€™t allow you to slip into the wrong positioning habits in the device package.

Youโ€™ll also find a riser bar that attaches to the bottom of the keyboard, giving you a more ergonomic feel and placement of riser magnets and battery compartments for those who snap into place.

Keyboards without much trouble packing the device, you will also find batteries for all devices, which means you can get out of the box during testing.

I found that the ergonomic keyboard fromย  Microsoft brought quite a great experience in terms of speed and comfort, which are other rocking keys in style rocking keyboards that have a short distance and little control power but allow sufficient speed, which was nice to see.

All media buttons are reserved for Windows and you get a pretty great experience when it comes to connecting with all the devices that are included in the package.

4. MS Natural Ergo 4000

MS Natural Ergo 4000
Microsoft Natural Ergo 4000

MS natural ergo 4000, we have one of the best ergonomic keyboards on the market MS natural ergo 4000.

This keyboard provides everything you could wish for in a keyboard for big hands.

In a natural position comfortable speed large set of keys and much more itโ€™s quite affordable to buy and brings a lot of value for its price.

Letโ€™s learn more The first thing you will notice about this key on the keyboard is its size and I must say that this keyboard is a big bomb.

It is big even compared to the Logitech k350 and it states that although it is one of the largest keyboards I have ever used.

The build quality of this beast is completely unprecedented, it is very robust and extremely durable made of the best materials, it is not much nice.

Although the body swings dark grey and titanium grey, which is utilitarian, the rest of the hand on the keyboard is great and has a soft matte finish that has a nice faux leather padding and plenty of comfort on top, but we found that the skin cleans quite well and stays overall quite clean.

It comes with a strong cable thatโ€™s about 6.5 feet long, which is more than enough.

In the device package, youโ€™ll also find a front stand that attaches easily to the main body and was a great ergonomic solution against RSI related hand and arm problems.

Iโ€™m also extremely impressed with the keys that the MS Natural ergo 4000 provides a lot of travel attacks on our wound, and the good control power, even though itโ€™s on the diaphragm keys, wasnโ€™t the quietest, but every writer likes the sleek sound the keyboard, even if itโ€™s quite an old keyboard, the MS natural ergo 4000 comes with tons of media-oriented keys that have brought an amazing experience, and it has reduced the need for the number one mouse.

5. Kinesis Advantage2

Kinesis Advantage2
Kinesis Advantage2

Kinesis โ€“ next time it will clearly have the best economical keyboard on the market that has an advantage for Kinesis.

This keyboard has one of the most interesting designs on the market with a double concave shape and layout that radiates all the pressure from your hands.

This is loaded with a brown Cherry MX Key, switches 2 MB of memory to store all your macros, and much more this economical design.

In the Kinesis benefits package โ€“ You will find self-adhesive wrist protectors, which are very useful, and a few other key ard shortcuts for those who use a Mac, which is a versatile tool that I like switching from Windows to Mac, or just requires a keystroke.

Looking at from the side you will notice that it has a curve in the shape of a half bowl, where the keys rest on the back.

You will find the RJ style phone connector for you. Today, the Kinesis pedals, which are sold separately on the inside of each concave bowl, have the remaining buttons that include space entering the rear ctrl space, and much more.

The keyboard itself is a bit large, but not much I have used now to see for a while if itโ€™s worth all the fuss and I can make this keyboard worth it all.

If you can get used to the setup thatโ€™s for this I tried hard and didnโ€™t give up on this keyboard and in the end, it paid off the palms have holes in the ankle that your hands rest on this keyboard made a difference, and although about a month to get used to it brought a nice experience.

Cherry MX brown switches also made a big difference because they have a tactile impact and provide a great mechanical feel, but you can also get silence Cherry MX, which is if you prefer noise, or MX Blues, which add a real feel to writing st swarms on the keyboard if you want the best economic package for convenience and speed Kinesis Advantage2 is also your best bet.

Thanks for reading I hope you liked the article if you found it useful, please share with your loved ones.

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