Best Exhaust for EcoBoost Mustang in 2024

Want to transform your Mustang EcoBoost? Well, choose from our picked list of best exhaust for ecoboost mustang and turn it into something extra.Β 

Make your EcoBoost mustang sound more aggressive just like V8. We have prepared a list of the best exhaust for the EcoBoost mustang. Choose from some of the upgraded exhaust systems and let your car roar.Β 

Car enthusiasts love doing upgrades. A good quality exhaust upgrade will not only result in aggressive sound but overall better performance. A normal exhaust kit includes resonators, mufflers, mid-pipes etc. Attach it to your mustang EcoBoost and let it sound crisper just like a high-end sports car.Β 

Choose from the best-upgraded exhaust systems and provide your mustang EcoBoost with the required power to express itself truly. To find the best match look below.

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MBRP Race Version Exhaust System

Best Exhaust for EcoBoost Mustang in 2024


  • Perfect for Mustang Ecoboost
  • Very Easy Installation
  • Beautiful Sound
  • Robust Build Quality

Top 5 Best Exhaust for EcoBoost Mustang

1. MBRP S7275BLK 3β€³ Race Version Exhaust for Ecobost Mustang

best exhaust for ecoboost mustang


No more rusting as you can fully count on MBRP S7275BLK 3β€³ race version exhaust system. A true murder style exhaust system with ten on ten performance and quality.Β  It comes with a special black coating in order to withstand challenging and heated situations.Β 

  • Well builtΒ 

Every prepared system is made according to industry rules and standards.Β  The design ensures a maximum flow of exhaust and maintenance of temperature. This helps the car to consume less fuel and give the best performance.

  • MBRP performance

MBRP performance exhaust system gives you the pleasure of ultimate performance. Whether it’s hundreds of miles or a long hard trial, you will get to experience boosting performance. Get the most out of programmers, modules, cold air intakes.

  • Easy installation

The ease of installation is the most capturing factor as the MBRP exhaust system is fun and easy to install. Bolt-on and weld design gives you the edge to install it hassle-free. From clamps to OEM hangers, every part is set to fit with everything already present in the box.Β 


  • Value for the money
  • Easy installation
  • High quality built
  • Deep tone


  • Fitment issues may occurΒ 


A perfect combination of sound and quality. This exhaust system gives you deep sound and extra boosts, great for your mustang EcoBoost.Β 

2016 Ecoboost Mustang Exhaust

2. BORLA 140585 ATAK Exhaust System

Best Exhaust for EcoBoost Mustang in 2024


Enjoy deep growling sound with BORLA 140585 ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust System. It will change the entire sound scenario of mustang EcoBoost. The quality is undoubtedly top-notch. No need to worry about sound going too high or drone. It can be your go-to exhaust for mustang EcoBoost.

  • ATAK

It straightly means acoustically tuned applied kinetics specifics (ultimate car partner). The high-quality build and specialized engineering behind the design make it a perfect fit. Make your mustang sound crazy with BORLA 140585 ATAK.

  • Easy installation

The installation process is quite easy although some instructions may not be there. But, the presence of all parts with guidance makes the installation process smooth. It fits amazingly perfect and gives the required hit for your mustang EcoBoost.

  • Amazing sound

The build is sturdy and the sound is rumbling. This is Borala ATAK for you. Whether its cruising speed or you crush the gas pedal there will be no drone.


  • Smooth installation
  • Great price for quality
  • Sturdy build
  • Absolute fitment


  • Not found


An extreme combination of build fitment, quality and sound make it a worthy choice. A perfect companion for your mustang EcoBoost if you want to experience the ultimate sound with no drone.

Best Exhaust for 2015 Mustang Ecoboost

3. Borla 11890 ATAK Exhaust System

Best Exhaust for EcoBoost Mustang in 2024


Looking for innovation for exhaust systems? ATAK Axle-Back Exhaust System is exactly what you are looking for. It is a roar caged in an exhaust. Hear it loud and clear and let others hear it too.

  • Perfect fit

It is indeed a perfect fit for your mustang EcoBoost. The alignment, build, features and output will blow your mind. The sound level is above the expectation. The quality is exceptional and the output is phenomenal.

  • Sounds great

Make your money worth and upgrade your factory exhaust with ATAK Axle-Back Exhaust System. Be it cruising or crushing speed, this exhaust system will provide you with the maximum out of it.

  • Easy installation

The installation process is quite easy. The instructions are there, you can do it. Clear instructions make the installation process smooth. It perfectly fits and gives you the banging sound quality you required for your mustang EcoBoost.


  • Worth every penny
  • Smooth installation
  • Sturdy build
  • Great sound


  • On startup, it sounds awful


Ultimate roar with surprisingly easy installation. This exhaust system is loud and clear with a great sound decibel level.

Best Sounding Ecoboost Mustang Exhaust

4. Spec-D Tuning Catback Exhaust System

Best Exhaust for EcoBoost Mustang in 2024


Ride to the fullest and sound like crazy with Spec-D Tuning Catback Exhaust System. High-quality build materials fusioned with ease of installation makes it a banging option. If you want to get more out of your mustang EcoBoost, this exhaust system is worth a chance.

  • Stainless steel

Pipes and canisters are made of premium quality stainless steel material. It will withstand tough conditions of heat and over speeding seamlessly without any compromise on performance. The material is free from rusting and ensures long life.

  • Direct bolt-on

The system offers direct bolt-on replacement and catalyst converter which even makes the installation process easy and smooth. The premium quality build ensures the deep tones and knocking sound.

  • No drone

Experience a nice rumble with absolute no drone. You will get to hear the same sound each day as there will be no major wear and tear involve due to the premium quality stainless steel build.


  • Easy installation
  • Fits perfectly
  • Great sound
  • Durable


  • Less loud


With the ease of easy installation and premium quality build. You will notice a visible difference in the sound of mustang EcoBoost.

5. Flowmaster Outlaw Exhaust System

Best Exhaust for EcoBoost Mustang in 2024


Want to upgrade your factory exhaust system? Try Flow master axle-back exhaust system. Aggressive exterior and sturdy build outshine all other exhaust systems. It features outlaw mufflers to provide extreme to moderate sound levels. Easy fitting and catchy design give it the extra hook.

  • Sturdy construction

It is made from premium quality stainless steel which ensures no rusting and durability. The build is made to last so that you won’t have to go through the course of replacing your exhaust again and again. The system containing hanger locations that ensure on-point fitting and hassle-free installation.

  • Outlaw mufflers

Flow master axle-back exhaust system contains mufflers that are race-proven and give the ultimate exterior and moderate interior sound levels. From cold start sound to turbo whistle, you will have it all.

  • Maximum performance

Enjoy maximum sound output as it is dyno tuned. You will experience maximum performance and desired sound level.


  • Worth the money
  • Easy to install
  • Awesome compatibility with Mustang
  • Sound fantastic


  • None


Make your mustang EcoBoost more fun and louder. Pair it with your mustang and experience the ultimate aggressive sound. The provided volume and tone is nearly perfect. Amazingly, it gives little to no drone at all.

Guide to buy the best exhaust for EcoBoost mustang

In 2018, EcoBoost mustang got an update which is additional torque of 30 lb-ft. But no need to worry as it still contains the same hardware and you can easily match exhaust. The only thing you need to check upon is which exhaust you want active or non-active. Once decided you can hunt for the best match.

  • Axle-back kits

You can change the entire sound output with minimum effects on performance. Axle-back kits include new exhaust tips that will make your mustang visually appealing. These are more affordable as compared to cat-back plus no need to worry about power gains.

  • Resonator deletes

Make your EcoBoost mustang sound louder, clear and aggressive just with an addition of resonator delete. It is a simple and effective sound upgrade for EcoBoost mustang. The exhaust note may not be customized but surely it is enough to get the desired sound level.

  • Downpipes

Downpipes offer big differences in terms of power, especially in turbocharged motors. If you want to make an upgrade to your mustang EcoBoost consider purchasing a turbo-back kit. It includes almost everything you require for running an exhaust system.

  • Cat-Back kits

This kit will help your exhaust flow to be smooth and steady additionally you will see slight upgrades in horsepower. Cat-Back kits are easy to install and require no cutting or drilling.

Our Pick

Let us announce the winner for you.

There is a possibility that you may not like our chosen pick. That is why it is stated that our verdict is based only on reviews and gathered information. Our chosen best pick is just a recommendation. You may choose whatever suits your particular needs.

Our best pick for the best exhaust for the EcoBoost mustang is MBRP S7275BLK 3β€³ race version exhaust system. This exhaust system gives you that dramatic hit that you crave for your mustang EcoBoost. We think of it as a true game-changer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the EcoBoost Mustang loud?

Well, the Mustang EcoBoost features four modes in total. These modes are totally selectable. For example quiet mode (when you are not in the mood), normal mode and then comes, the other two sports and track mode. These modes are loud and make the mustang sound a total wrecker.

How do I make my Mustang EcoBoost louder?

If you are not happy with the current sound level of mustang EcoBoost. No need to worry there is always room for improvement as you just have to take it to some local muffler shop. Ask them to install the x pipe. Make sure to remove the mufflers. Also, ensures that the x pipe just fits according to the factory exhaust. Here you go.

What is the loudest exhaust for a Mustang EcoBoost?

Well, till now you should have known that as we have mentioned in our best pick that Borla β€œATAK” cat-back system is surely the loudest exhaust system you can get for your mustang EcoBoost. It will increase the exhaust flow and rear-wheel horsepower. So, that you can yield maximum performance. One thing is for sure its roaring aggressive sound is not for faint-hearted.

How much is an exhaust for a mustang EcoBoost Cat-Back?

The exhaust systems vary from each other so does their price and features. If you are planning to get one for your mustang EcoBoost, the price range is between 900-1500$. You can get cheaper ones to high-quality premium ones. This entity depends upon your budget.


So, this was all from our side regarding some top-tier and best exhaust for the ecoboost mustang available in the market. Each exhaust system offers amazing features at an amazing price.

We hope that after exploring these boosting exhaust systems, you know how to make a loud and clear decision.

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